A word from the founder

My name is Marion Cellier and I work as a Certified Image Consultant.

My role ? Reveal your natural assets, optimize your image capital and restore your self-confidence and self-esteem, by offering you a tailor-made support, in an innovative approach to self-development.

Bloom Yourself Agency supports you with kindness, respect and empathy to become the best version of yourself!

What is the meaning of image consulting?

Image consulting / coaching is a support for someone who wishes to optimize his visual capital and control the impact of his communication.
The purpose is to enhance your image and giving you the resources and advice to help you communicate in keeping with your personality, your values, and your lifestyle.

Unlike Makeovers, which surf fashion trends without taking your personality into consideration, image coaching represents lasting changes. Image consulting helps you harmonize your inner and outer well-being.
This support goes through several life changes that will take place both emotionally and physically, towards self-worth.

Why going into this process?

Self-image is fundamental and determines our relationships with others and our life path. Whether we are at work, with friends, in front of an assembly, we will be seen before being heard and it will take less than 30 seconds for our interlocutor to make a judgment before even having said a word.

Are you comfortable with your image? Does it reflect the person you are and what you want to express? Taking care of yourself is a pillar of personal development and questioning your image is part of a natural process of developing your own identity.

How does it work?

Image consulting is carried out according to different diagnoses, such as image assessment, colorimetric analysis, face analysis, self-makeup course for women, body shape and style analysis and personal shopper.

As a mix of personal development and tailor-made advice, this coaching is specifically adapted to your profile. This is what makes it so unique!

Bloom Yourself Agency does not only operate on your appearance, but takes into account your personality and your lifestyle. Be finally aligned with yourself!