The way we look at ourselves

It is very difficult to look at ourselves objectively.

Firstly, because our image is automatically reflected back to us by a mirror effect, whether it is in front of a mirror in the morning while getting ready or, on our phone’s picture. Our own perception is therefore different as the one our interlocutor will see us. And then because, we all tend to focus first on our flaws before seeing our qualities.

Everything is being done today to make us feel guilty about our own image. Social networks, magazines, Bikini body hashtags, all kinds of dieting feats…

The following commercial, set up by DOVE, shows us perfectly that our vision of ourselves is mostly often wrong and that we are all different and beautiful at the same time.

Because sometimes people think Image Consulting is giving superficial beauty advice, it only supports the thesis that only a person’s “image” matters.

But, on the contrary, Image Consulting is an in-depth process, helping the person to change her own perception of her image. Thus, she can better accept herself, assert herself and gain confidence.